Online and College Library

Library can be accessed by the students, teachers, Admin, Librarian. Any One can Issue a book and can return on the specific date as per software timing. Students can reserve a book from distance and get the book by the next morning. We have made the internal based application where we can track every step of the students, teachers behavior.

  • Area of the Library – 2178.90 sqft
  • Seating capacity – 100 Seats
  • Titles -0 1073
  • Books – 4026 
  • Encyclopedia – 20
  • Journals – 15
  • Magazines – 15
  • Newspapers – 6 
  • Book search and Reserve books from Online.
  • Computer or mobile access from the library to search or to issue book.
  • Internal Based Library Management Software helps to issue a book, see the book and get a consultant with the teachers. Short & Long  Time book reservation is also available.